Residential and Commercial Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Though a lot of people might have learned how to clean a bathroom, they might have no idea how to do it properly. Today, you will learn several excellent tricks and tips that the professionals utilize to clean your bathroom, whether it is a residential or commercial one.  


Residential Bathroom Cleaning 

If you have guests coming over, you want them to use a clean bathroom. In addition to that, you want your family to experience using a clean bathroom. You can try Pittsburgh residential cleaning services if you think that cleaning is taking too long in your home.  

An excellent residential cleaning service will make your bathroom clean and will save you a lot of time. The professionals already know how to clean it properly. If someone is doing the job for you, it is a lot simpler to learn how to clean a bathroom. 

Bathroom Cleaning Tips 

For cleaning your bathroom, there are several excellent tricks and tips. Here are some of them: 

  • Use cotton balls to clean hard-to-reach corners.  
  • Use lemon to rejuvenate chrome fixtures.  
  • To make cleaning easier, you can soak a showerhead in vinegar.  

Eliminating Bathroom Germs 

Almost every individual thinks of the bathroom as one of the dirtiest areas in the house. This is particularly true when it comes to the toilet.  

However, the toothbrush holder is actually the area that most likely has a lot of germs, according to a study. If you want to get rid of germs, you have to scrub down areas that you might miss. Also, you should clean the things that you utilize in the bathroom instead of only cleaning the surface.  

Cleaning the Bathroom Mirror 

The mirror might be not that important in a commercial setting. You want it clean. However, it does not have to be really spotless. On the other hand, the bathroom mirror in your home serves various purposes. You utilize it to spot areas of your face that are messy and to get ready in the morning.  

You can mix 4 parts water and 1 part white vinegar to clean a mirror. This solution will provide you an excellent shine and enable a streak-free finish. To limit streaking, you should use a microfiber cloth when wiping off the mirror.  

Commercial Bathroom Cleaning 

It is a different situation when you want to learn how to clean a bathroom in a commercial setting. Commercial bathrooms are annoying to keep clean. Of course, you want to be productive whenever you are in the office. If this is the case for you, hiring a commercial cleaning service might be the ideal solution.  

However, here are several tips that you can follow if you really want to know how to clean a commercial bathroom:  

  • To warn people about the clean bathroom, you should use a “wet floor sign”.  
  • You can begin by emptying the trash and dusting the floor. You want to lower the number of germs and dirt that get back onto the other areas of the bathroom. 
  • You should utilize professional-grade products to make your bathroom shine.