Carpet Cleaning: Do it yourself or hire a professional?


As carpet requires to be cleaned yearly, homeowners simply do not ask expert cleaners to their houses enough. For many, this could feel like a huge order, especially ones who have been meticulous about vacuuming weekly and removing shoes. Does keeping your carpet great really worth the money and time?  

Carpet Cleaning

Well, it is up to you to find out. Here are some pros and cons of professional carpet cleaning: 


Keeping Quality 

Professionals suggest that you clean your carpet every 5 to 10 months to keep it look brand new and improve its lifespan. For those who do not know, dirt left in your carpet for a long period of time could go deep into the fibers. This makes it impossible to eliminate. 


The carpet is almost similar to the filter in your AC/heating system. It gathers all types of pollens, dust, allergens, bacteria, and other bad things that are found in the air. Over time, it will be filled up. The best method to maintain the cleanliness of the air and your family could breathe safe and clean air is to regularly clean the carpet. 

Longer Lifespan 

Lastly, regularly cleaning the carpet is the greatest method to make sure you would have to install a new carpet later rather than sooner. Your carpet would functionally last 9 up to 14 years, whether or not you clean it. Stop cleaning your carpet for 4 years, and the signs of general deterioration, stains, and traffic lanes would have you contacting a carpet firm for a new carpet long before the warranty of your existing carpet expires.  


There are no many reasons to avoid carpet cleaning. However, there are several ways that could sabotage the carpet’s health and your wallet. Here are several of the approaches in which homeowners that are unsuspecting could carelessly turn their carpet cleaning into a disadvantage. 

Look Out for Extras 

The bad sign could be found in the details when your employ a carpet cleaning company. The $40 per room cost has increased to $90 by the time they charge you $10 additional for every stairs, the spot remover, and any other additional they could think of. Be wary of the costs that are hidden. These hidden costs are where the revenue is created for several carpet cleaners.  

Clean Second, Repair First 

Repair first your carpet before contacting professionals for a cleaning if you have old carpets that are displaying the signs of wrinkling, looseness, or buckling. All of these well-known carpet issues are signs that your carpet requires to be repaired. Having your carpets cleaned will only make things worse. 


Maybe the largest risk in getting carpets cleaned is the idea that you could do it your own. Well, you could. However, it is not just almost the same as the experts could do. A lot of home improvement shops provide carpet cleaning rental machines. However, the equipment is greatly inferior to the professional’s use.